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Jewellery Organisations for Jewellery Makers and Retailers. Now Collectively Over 5,000 Members.


GoJD Connect is the new account management site for members of the Guild of Jewellery Designers, The Guild of Jewellery Retailers and The British Pearl Association.


Manage Your Membership Account and PPL Insurance Cover From One Location and Showcase Jewellery Products. (B2B and B2C)


What Insurance Do I Need For My Jewellery Making Business?


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Join the guild of jewellery retailers


Members have the option to showcase their products or services to the public and jewellery retailers both in the UK and worldwide.


This platform aims to promote the UK Jewellery trade and help members source new products from existing and 'up and coming' designer/makers.


Working Together With Jewellery Makers, Retailers and Buyers of All Sizes, We:


Provide member community areas.


Create opportunities for retailers and buyers to get online quickly with their own website.


Promote introductions between retailers, makers, wholesale sellers and service providers.


 Source Stunning New Jewellery Ranges


Choose Silver and semi-precious jewellery and contemporary, mixed media jewellery to fine and diamond jewellery


Are you looking for something specific? A repair, a stone, an engraving service?  Submit an enquiry to members - Click Below



 Thinking About a New or Additional Website? We Can Help You With That!

 Easily Build An ECommerce Website and Include A Variety of Products


GoJD Connect is also a jewellery orientated website building platform for designer/makers, retailers, manufacturers and brands of all sizes.


Website Builder Information


Connect Your Online Shop to our Marketplaces and Sell More.


Choose products from the GoJD Connect, add them to your shop or update them effortlessly using product feeds.


Choose which suppliers and service providers you want to work with and find new ones!

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Orkney Traditional Silver Pendant P1140

Ortak Jewellery

ID: V30-orkney-traditional-silver-pendant-p1140

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Kyanite Halo Ring

Augustine Jewels

ID: V42-bespoke-kyanite-halo-ring

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ALCOHOL INK Jungle Green


ID: V3496-alcohol-ink-jungle-green

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Kazo Silver Earrings With Amethyst, Rhodolite and Iolite

Manja Jewellery

ID: V52-kazo-silver-earrings-with-amethyst-rhodolite-and-iolite

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ID: V28-4026CHPRB

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ID: V28-2218CH-18KR

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CERNIT® POLYMER CLAY Metallic 56g Turquoise Gold 054


ID: V3496-copy-of-copy-of-cernit®-polymer-clay-metallic-56g-turquoise-gold

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GoJD Connect Blog

Fossicking in Australia

Fossicking in Australia

Admin 06/10/2022
Fossicking in Australia   Finding your own Opal or Sapphire   Australia is one of the few places in the world where you can wander around freely and find yourself a beautiful gemstone, so if you find the idea of playing prospector ...
The 3 Steps To Using 3D Printing In Your Jewellery Making

The 3 Steps To Using 3D Printing In Your Jewellery Making

Admin 23/01/2022
The 3 Steps To Using 3D Printing In Your Jewellery Making   It used to be that only the highest of high-end jewellers could afford to design their jewellery using Computer Aided Design (CAD), and turn their designs into 3D prints, ready to ...
Augustine Jewels launches new Como collection

Augustine Jewels launches new Como collection

Admin 29/03/2021
COMO   Inspired by the lush landscape of Lake Como, the Como Collection uses energizing ensembles of natural coloured gemstones set in gold and silver. Discover a unique gemstone combination to evoke the beauty of Italian summers in your life.

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