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GoJD Connect Anytime from The Guild of Jewellery Designers is a first of its kind digital B2B wholesale jewellery marketplace hub and website builder. It allows brands, manufacturers and service providers to showcase their products or services to jewellery retail buyers and makers both in the UK and worldwide.


The hub is a community framework that promotes a targeted market and aids the sourcing of new products from existing and 'up and coming' designer makers and service providers. GoJD Connect Anytime connects wholesale brands, manufacturers and service providers with buyers online, all year round, anytime.


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GoJD Connect Anytime is not just a network; working together with brands and buyers of all sizes, we:


* Provide a community area, encouraging interraction between brands, service providers, retailers and designer/makers of jewellery.


* Create opportunities for retailers and buyers to get online quickly with websites pre-loaded with potentially thousands of great products. 


* Promote introductions between retail buyers or makers and wholesale sellers and service providers at a low and affordable cost.



 Source Stunning New Jewellery Ranges


Choose Silver and semi-precious jewellery and contemporary, mixed media jewellery to fine and diamond jewellery


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 Thinking About a New or Additional Website? We Can Help You With That!


 Easily Build Your Standalone Website and Unite Your Brands


GoJD Connect Anytime is also a jewellery orientated website building platform for retailers, manufacturers and brands of all sizes.


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 Extend Your Online Shop to a Marketplace and Sell More. 


Choose products from the hub, add them to your shop or update them effortlessly using product feeds.


Choose which suppliers and service providers you want to work with and find new ones!




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How do I take a fingerprint?

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Why Have Product Reviews on Your Website?

If you’re not sure about if you should encourage and list website and products reviews, this article looks at the benefits of doing so.   Reviews cut down on the amount of returns you get. Shoppers visiting your site rely on feedback ...

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