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Operating a jewellery business presents its own set of challenges. However, getting the right support shouldn't be hard.

GoJD Connect simplifies your journey to success by providing all the essential tools in a user-friendly dashboard, eliminating confusion and minimizing unnecessary expenses.



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Featured Member - Silver Realm

TaeKwon-Do Pendant / Dog Tag - Large

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-mens-taekwon-do-pendant-dog-tag

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Crackled Quartz and Sterling Silver Bar Necklace

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-white-crackled-quartz-and-sterling-silver-bar-necklace

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Labradorite Pendant

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-labradorite-pendant

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Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-freshwater-cultured-pearl-and-sterling-silver-earrings

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Amethyst Oval Earrings

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-sterling-silver-amethyst-20x15mm-oval-earrings

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Member Product Samples




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Bumble Bee Necklace

Reeves & Reeves

ID: V171-bumble-bee-sterling-silver-necklace

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Anansi Rhodium Necklace With Iolite, Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Peridot

Manja Jewellery

ID: V52-anansi-rhodium-necklace-with-iolite-blue-topaz-amethyst-and-peridot

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Heart 2 Heart Bangle

Reeves & Reeves

ID: V171-heart-2-heart-bangle

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GoJD Connect Blog

Zodiac Birthstone Jewellery: The Meaning of Star Signs and Gemstones

Zodiac Birthstone Jewellery: The Meaning of Star Signs and Gemstones

Admin 27/06/2023
  Astrology and gemstones have a long-standing connection, dating back centuries. Many people believe that specific gemstones are associated with each zodiac sign and can enhance their energy and bring good fortune. Zodiac birthstones jewellery ...
PPL Cover For Jewellery Designer Makers

PPL Cover For Jewellery Designer Makers

Admin 20/03/2023
As a jewellery designer maker in the UK, you put a lot of time and effort into creating beautiful and unique pieces. However, accidents can happen, and if you are not properly protected, they can have serious consequences for both you and your business. ...
Fossicking in Australia

Fossicking in Australia

Admin 06/10/2022
Fossicking in Australia   Finding your own Opal or Sapphire   Australia is one of the few places in the world where you can wander around freely and find yourself a beautiful gemstone, so if you find the idea of playing prospector ...

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