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How it Works


For Designers


1. Design Objects

Design your digital model in your preferred 3D modelling program or prepare your image assets.


2. Upload to our library 

Upload the file to your shop area on our website ready for sale


For Makers


1. Search the library

Search for a compatible file from the showcase of designs


2. Add to your cart

Order your file and download from the link emailed to you.


3. Print your file

If you need any modifications to an existing file, contact the designer directly to work with them and modify the design.


If you don't see any 3D jewellery or giftware related models that suit your requirements, you can try our 'Commission a Designer' feature and send your design request to all designers who have opted to receive enquiries for custom work.


Why Buy 3D Jewellery Models?


You may be a novice, a jewellery designer/maker, or a digital engraver using lasers or other CNC engraving equipment; there could be many reasons why you could want to buy a 3D model or graphic.


You may want to 3D print an object but you don’t have any 3D modelling software to create your jewellery components, or you might not have the required 3D designer skills.


Not everyone is able to design a 3D model from beginning to end or use 3D modelling software.


Maybe you don’t have the skills to design.


Or, more commonly, you just don’t have enough time to create your 3D model and a ready made solution is more cost effective.


You don’t have to design and create a 3D model of your own to experiment or work with 3D printing.

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