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Transform Your Jewellery Business.


Operating a jewellery business presents its own set of challenges. However, getting the right support shouldn't be hard.


Membership of The Guild of Jewellery Designers, The Guild of Jewellery Retailers or The British Pearl Association through GoJD Connect, simplifies your journey to success by providing all the essential tools in a user-friendly dashboard, eliminating confusion and minimizing unnecessary expenses.



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What GoJD Membership Offers

PPL Insurance Cover For Jewellery Designer Makers
Join as a Gold Plus GoJD or British Pearl Association member for instant PPL cover of up to £10,000,000 (Permanent Jewellery makers included)
A Lively Jewellery Maker Community
Join our Facebook group or dedicated jewellery designer/maker community in our mobile app and discuss jewellery topics or general GoJD chat with fellow makers.
Website Building and Hosting Service
Boost your online presence and attract a wider audience with our ecommerce website building services.
Our custom service, powered by IXXO, is designed to help you expand your reach and connect with new customers.
Supplier Partner Discounts
Over 75 Supplier Partners offering various discounts to Gold members of the Guild of Jewellery Designers, The British Pearl Association and The Guild of Jewellery Retailers, from tools and findings to services like casting and laser engraving
Showcase Your Products
List products in your GoJD Connect profile area and feed them to our member selling platform, Odissa, as an extra sales channel to complement your own website.
Free Online Tools
Use our free tools or embed them in your own website.
Ring Size Convertor, Casting Weight Conversion Tool, Currency Convertor, Advanced Pricing Calculator, Diamond Carat weight Convertor
Membership Authentication - Display Our Logo
Membership in a reputable organisation boosts credibility, showing a commitment to professional growth, industry standards, and ethics. Displaying these affiliations on a website builds immediate trust and confidence in the organization's expertise. Access your script from the 'Widgets' tab in your member profile.
Design Copyright Registration Tool
Protect your designs by registering them directly from your GoJD Connect member dashboard with one lifetime registration payment.
GoJD Journal Logs and Quotations
A free member service for all members. The Journal Logs and Quotations feature has been designed to help jewellery makers with their business. Keeping track of components and costs can be the most challenging aspect of any business and this journal will help you do just that.
Jewellery Reunited
The jewellery serial number registration service created by The Guild of Jewellery Designers to help reunite lost or stolen jewellery with it's rightful owner. Offer the service to your customers on your website for extra peace of mind.
Access Your Membership Certificate and PPL Documents
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Featured Member - Silver Realm

Synthetic Sapphire Pendant in Sterling Silver

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-synthetic-sapphire-pendant-in-sterling-silver

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Crackled Quartz and Sterling Silver Bar Necklace

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-white-crackled-quartz-and-sterling-silver-bar-necklace

To see price Sign in or Become a Member

Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-hammered-sterling-silver-bangle

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Mens Hammered Sterling Silver "what3words" Ring - As seen in GQ Magazine!

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-mens-hammered-sterling-silver-what3words-ring-as-seen-in-gq-magazine

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Synthetic Sapphire Pendant

Silver Realm

ID: V4704-synthetic-sapphire-pendant

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Member Product Samples

Pavé Shooting Star Hook Earrings

Reeves & Reeves

ID: V171-cz-shooting-star-hook-earrings

To see price Sign in or Become a Member

Catch a Star Ring



To see price Sign in or Become a Member



ID: V28-2201i-18KYELLOW

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Kintana Gold Ring With Citrine, Cognac Quartz and Smoky Quartz

Manja Jewellery

ID: V52-kintana-gold-ring-with-citrine-cognac-quartz-and-smoky-quartz

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GoJD Connect Blog

Exclusive Permanent Jewellery Insurance for UK Jewellery Makers

Exclusive Permanent Jewellery Insurance for UK Jewellery Makers

Admin 29/10/2023
Are you a Designer Jewellery maker in the UK seeking comprehensive and tailored permanent jewellery insurance? Look no further! The Guild of Jewellery Designers is your dedicated partner, offering specialised insurance solutions to safeguard your artistic ...
Zodiac Birthstone Jewellery: The Meaning of Star Signs and Gemstones

Zodiac Birthstone Jewellery: The Meaning of Star Signs and Gemstones

Admin 27/06/2023
  Astrology and gemstones have a long-standing connection, dating back centuries. Many people believe that specific gemstones are associated with each zodiac sign and can enhance their energy and bring good fortune. Zodiac birthstones jewellery ...
PPL Cover For Jewellery Designer Makers

PPL Cover For Jewellery Designer Makers

Admin 20/03/2023
As a jewellery designer maker in the UK, you put a lot of time and effort into creating beautiful and unique pieces. However, accidents can happen, and if you are not properly protected, they can have serious consequences for both you and your business. ...

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