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Tips for helping to maximise your marketing methods using the guild's services.


In order to take full advantage of being a guild member we would suggest: - display the GoJD gold logo on your website with a link back to your guild profile (we have a  logo script which includes text about the insurance cover and can help you install it on your website) - display the GoJD logo on your marketing materials and as a sign if you have your work in a gallery, at a selling event or trade fair - write articles for the guild website which can be linked back to your website, blog and social media accounts.


If writing articles sounds daunting then think blog posts ;) - use your GoJD Connect profile and make sure that your details are complete and kept up-to-date - ensure that your contact details and email address are kept up to date on your membership profile as commission opportunities are often emailed out to members - let us know if you have designed a new range or have any other news - we're always happy to share member's news on social media!

Updated on: 30/09/2022 - 10:14:12 PM

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