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GoJD Connect Membership


GoJD Connect is a platfform where jewellery trade members can locate products from curated jewellery designer makers and brands and can select from an extensive selection of products and services, connect with the makers or brands and submit purchase orders directly through the site or offline.

GoJD Connect is a private, juried marketplace. If you’d like to be considered for membership as a seller and/or buyer, please review the criteria below. We review all GoJD Connect applications and may not be able to accept everyone who applies and meets the criteria.


GoJD Connect provides a marketplace for independent retailers with either a physical 'bricks and mortar' location or active online store to find unique handmade items at wholesale prices.


As a buyer, you guarantee that you represent an independent retail business and have the authority to enter into agreements on behalf of that business. You must be able to provide credentials for your business.

The wholesale platform is intended for retailers purchasing finished goods and jewellery related services that may benefit a retailer. GoJD Connect was created to support designer/makers and buyers so they can purchase items outright from the sellers offering their goods.

Buyers that are subscribing to the GoJD Connect website service are free to browse the site with a view to sourcing product feeds from GoJD Connect to their website. Acceptance by a seller to provide a feed is down to their individual discretion and usual checks for providing a trade account.

Only sellers decide whether or not to provide product feeds to applicants. The Guild of Jewellery Designers have no influence over a seller's decision.

If you have accounts with other sellers not listing on GoJD Connect and want a product feed to sell their products through your website, we will work with you to approach the seller to get them listed in the hub.


Sellers on GoJD Connect must meet the following requirements:

Pricing: GoJD Connect sellers are required to offer wholesale prices that are 50% (or less) of the suggested retail value. Your suggested retail value must match the current retail prices in your GoJD Connect shop and/or your own website. This allows us to comply with industry standards and meet the expectations of our retailer community.

Customer service: If you already have an GoJD Connect shop, we review your track record with customer service and reviews, paying GoJD Connect bills, and complying with GoJD Connect policy when assessing your readiness for wholesale.

Overall professionalism: When we review your application, we look to see that you have a strong assortment of products and professional branding and aesthetic in your GoJD Connect  shop or website.

The Guild of Jewellery Designers reserves the right to approve or reject any application to join GoJD Connect and to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Non-UK Sellers

GoJD Connect is also available to jewellery designer/makers worldwide looking to break into the UK market.

GoJD Connect Fees

There are no buyer fees on GoJD Connect.

There is a monthly membership fee for wholesalers to showcase their products on GoJD Connect but no commission or listing fees


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