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Image Licences


  1. A Standard Image Licence authorises and allows the right to use images:

    1. For your own personal, non-commercial use. Images cannot be given or shared for free to anyone.

    2. In printed form as part of product packaging and labeling, letterheads and business cards, point of sale advertising, CD and DVD cover art, or in the advertising and copy of media such as magazines, newspapers, and books up to a production run of 400,000.

    3. Incorporated into television series, video, film, advertisement, or other audio-visual productions for distribution in any medium provided the budget for the production does not exceed GB£10,000;

    4. As part of street advertising campaigns, including billboards (standard and digital), street advertising boards, etc., provided the intended audience for the campaign is less than 400,000 impressions.

    5. In digital form incorporated into websites, social media, online advertising, mobile advertising, mobile applications, software, electronic cards and publications, email marketing campaigns and in online media including video-sharing services such as Vimeo or YouTube etc.

  2. An Enhanced Image Licence authorises and allows the following additional rights to use images:

    1. Unlimited reproduction runs, budget or impressions in any manner permitted under a Standard Image Licence.

    2. Integrated into merchandise intended for promotional distribution or sale without limitation, including textiles, works of art, wall hangings and art, calendars, stationery, greeting cards, toys and any other items for resale or distribution.

    3. In wall hangings and art for decorative purposes in a commercial space owned or rented by you, and not for sale.

    4. Incorporated as part of a digital website template or form etc. for sale or distribution.

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