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Introduction to Practical Gemmology | 1 Day

Introduction to Practical Gemmology | 1 Day


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About The Course

Would you like to be able to test and identify gems? Would you like to be able to confidently know what a gem is before you work on it, buy it or sell it? 


The answer is, yes!


This 1-day course is perfect for retail jewellers, goldsmiths and jewellery makers, valuers, pawnbrokers or anyone with a passion for gemstones who wants to learn more.


Over the duration of the course you will handle a wide range of natural, man-made (synthetic), assembled, imitation and treated gemstones. You will learn how to use standard gemmological equipment accurately and efficiently. What the key tests are for identifying common and commercial gemstones and build a foundation of skill and knowledge to continue to learn how to test any gemstone.


You will be taught by an experienced practical gemmologist and tutor, who has real world experience of testing, buying and selling gemstones as well as of teaching these skills to a range of students, with differing ages, experience and learning abilities and styles. You will be supported before, during and after the course. 


Primary Objective: 

  •   Learn how to test and identify a range of common and commercial natural, man-made and imitation gemstones using standard gemmological equipment 


Learning Outcomes: 


•   How to use, and record and interpret the results of:

o   Refractometer

o   Polariscope

o   Spectroscope

o   Chelsea Colour Filter (CCF)

o   UV   light

o   Dichroscope

o   Specific Gravity Testing

•   Creating a data profile of a gemstone to ascertain an accurate identification

•   Weight estimation of mounted gemstones


Who is it for: 

  • Retail Jewellers
  • Valuers
  • Goldmsiths & Jewellery Makers
  • Jewellery designers
  • Pawnbrokers 
  • Anyone interested in learning how to identify gemstonesvfor hobby or trade

What does it include:  

  • 6 hours tutor led instruction
  • Use of practice gemstones
  • Loan of equipment if needed
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Lunch 

Skills & experience needed: 

  • Some prior experience of gemstones useful but not essential

Time scale: 

  • 1 day


  • £175


  • Maidstone


What you earn: 

  • Certificate of Completion


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