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Titanium and S/S Soldering Third Hand

Titanium and S/S Soldering Third Hand


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Titanium and Stainless Steel third hand for soldering applications. Consists of (all weights and sizes approximate): 2 x Titanium picks – 4mm diameter x approx. 150mm long (1 x 90 degree – 1 x 45 degree) 1 x Adjustable pressure sliding Stainless Steel weight @ 35 grammes (including thumbscrew) Holds components securely in place whilst soldering without the need for clamps or wiring up. 1 x Stainless Steel base; 40mm long x 25mm diameter (150 grammes)

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Originally an idea made for holding down components and soldering onto circuit boards but works effectively for jewellery applications. The GoJD version comes complete with 2 Titanium picks (90 degree and 30 degree angles) with the shallower angled pick allowing easier access to hold components where directly from above doesn’t allow.

The base and the weight of the third hand are made from Stainless Steel with S/S thumbscrews for locking in position.

Changing picks or pressure adjustment is easily achieved without searching for allen keys with the quick change thumb screws.

This tool is a useful addition in any soldering environment, either production or hobbyist level.

Leadtime for delivery when not in stock: 2 weeks – International delivery time is usually around 5 – 10 days once in the postal system.

The GoJD Titanium Soldering Third Hand Review from Charlie McManus of Circinn Studio (Scotland) on Vimeo.

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