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How do I take a fingerprint?
Admin 17/06/2020
How do I take a fingerprint?

Fingerprint jewellery

Various fingerprint kits are available to buy online that give excellent results and the clearer the print supplied, the better the laser engraved result on your fingerprint jewellery will be.

Due to the fineness of a child’s print, these are probably the ones that need the greatest attention to detail. Using a good quality, smooth paper can improve the result and best results, both for children and adults, are usually found using glossy photographic paper.


If we determine that the print is unsuitable or requires too much work to make usable, we would have to request that better prints are obtained, or charge extra to clean them up (if possible).

A visual examination of the print before sending to us will save having to resubmit new prints and a lot of time, examples of good and bad prints are shown below.

As a guide though, if it looks like a blob with no defined lines, it probably...

GETi - Official UK Agents For Sisma
Admin 03/06/2020
GETi - Official UK Agents For Sisma

GETi, the UK's leading dedicated manufacturer of Titanium and Black Zirconium rings, are official agents for Sisma laser welding and engraving systems in the jewellery manufacturing market.


Alan Hardwick, CEO and owner of GETi, says: "We have been dealing with Sisma for over 15 years now both as a user and seller of the machines both for welding and laser engraving. The quality of build is exceptional and we've seen the company progress immensely over the years. Sisma have an extremely comprehensive range of laser solutions including automated and programmable systems and really come in to their own with products for the more demanding applications of a modern jewellery making and repair industry."


SISMA offer both entry level systems for one-off welding applications, often used in the dental and jewellery industries, as well as more complex systems which include advanced movement and programmable welding path...

Why Have Product Reviews on Your Website?
Admin 16/04/2020
Why Have Product Reviews on Your Website?

If you’re not sure about if you should encourage and list website and products reviews, this article looks at the benefits of doing so.


  • Reviews cut down on the amount of returns you get.

Shoppers visiting your site rely on feedback from other buyers to help them decide if they should buy from you and, the more reviews you have, the more chance a certain review will strike a chord with the reader and encourage them to complete the purchase.

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New Wholesaler Added
Admin 20/01/2020
New Wholesaler Added

New GoJD Connect Wholesaler and Instructions

Introducing Mark Lloyd FIPG to GoJD Connect as the latest trade supplier to list in the new hub by The Guild of Jewellery Designers.

Mark's Hammered ring collection is designed for Men and Women using Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Yellow, White or Rose gold.

Each ring in this collection is individually handmade. This process makes every ring truly unique and has been very popular for wedding couples.

This range is inspired by Greek Gods, Hera (Goddess of marriages), Eros (God of Love) and Vulcan (God of Fire).

Mark (an all round good egg we're led to believe! :-) also restores, repairs, remodels and re-makes jewellery, hand makes wedding rings to order and has been commissioned to make many items of jewellery and even some objects of art.

Mark's Profile can be found by clicking the button below

Instructions for Approaching a Trade Supplier or Service Provider to...

Welcome to GoJD Connect
Admin 26/11/2018
Welcome to GoJD Connect

GoJD Connect is a new business to business (B2B) platform for jewellery manufacturers and brands to connect with retailers and assist them to sell their products. It was created by The Guild of Jewellery designers.

It is a private platform curated by The Guild of Jewellery Designers, meaning that application or invitation is required for a jewellery wholesaler to list products on the platform. If you create unique and interesting products this can be a great way to grow your business and help your customers sell them.

If you're considering trade selling, here is what wholesale manufacture can help you with:

  • ...
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