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Welcome to GoJD Connect
Admin 26/11/2018
Welcome to GoJD Connect

GoJD Connect is a new business to business (B2B) platform for jewellery manufacturers and brands to connect with retailers and assist them to sell their products. It was created by The Guild of Jewellery designers.

It is a private platform curated by The Guild of Jewellery Designers, meaning that application or invitation is required for a jewellery wholesaler to list products on the platform. If you create unique and interesting products this can be a great way to grow your business and help your customers sell them.

If you're considering trade selling, here is what wholesale manufacture can help you with:

  • It can provide a regular flow of bigger, more lucrative orders, in contrast to the unpredictable, one-off nature of retail sales.

  • It gets items out into the world in front of different kinds of shoppers, which builds brand recognition.

  • It can motivate you to re-evaluate and streamline your production methods.



Your application includes a website built for you and hosted on either your own server or a hosted account before you can connect with jewellery brands and, to be able to sell products for a brand or manufacturer, you must first open an account with them.

You have total control over the look of your site and which products you'd like to display through your admin area. We can help you with the design if you don't have anybody to do that for you.

Once your account is in place and your chosen jewellery brand activates your products, they will appear in your website ready for you to choose which ones to display. You set your own retail markup and can also add your own products or other products if you have any.

Orders taken through your own GoJD Connect website are processed by yourself and notification is sent to your supplier simultaneously to help streamline the order process.


Jewellery Brands/Manufacturers

If you have been accepted as a jewellery wholesaler for GoJD Connect, we will set up your wholesale area for you and show you how to list products. If you have a large range of products, they can easily be uploaded onto the platform by CSV file. (We can help you with that).


You should also state payment methods and terms, production times, shipping methods and costs, as well as return and cancellation policies to ensure a smooth transaction from beginning to end. Retailers viewing the site looking for products will be able to view your wholesale area as soon as it goes live so it's best to get as much information to hand ready to put in as soon as you can.


Orders can also be taken and paid for through GoJD Connect and go directly to the wholesaler. The Guild of Jewellery Designers have no contact with the payment side of the transaction.   Orders placed through GoJD Connect will be paid for through your Stripe or PayPal account on placement.


If you receive an order through an GoJD Connect retailer website it is totally up to you to decide what payment terms to offer - immediate payment or net terms if you have an established relationship. 



Companies displaying the GJD-SP symbol are Supplier Partners to The Guild of Jewellery Designers and offer discounts to Subscribing Gold Members of the guild - a full list can be found on the Supplier Partner Directory.




Companies displaying the blue GJD logo are subscribing members of The Guild of Jewellery Designers




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