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GETi Engraving

44 Hockley Street
B18 6BH Birmingham,  0,  United Kingdom
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GETi - Offering Titanium and Black Zirconium rings, cufflinks, Sisma laser machinery sales and a laser engraving service.

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Based in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, we have a small dedicated, complement of staff offering both a bespoke and standard range of rings. We also offer a 2D and 3D laser engraving service to the trade and public on most jewellery and many non-jewellery items.

Laser Engraving Service

5 Machines
Dedicated engraving department
All metals engraved
Most jewellery items engraved
Watch engraving
Standard text or own handwriting
Custom graphics
2D and 3D capability (eg. Heraldry crests)

Laser Machinery Sales - Welding and Engraving

UK agents for Sisma laser engraving and desktop laser welders.
LM-D 180 Desktop Laser Welder
High precision Nd:Yag manual welding system with wide working area; high peak power, ease of use, reduced maintenance and long lamp duration are some of its characteristics, together with a new ergonomic design which makes the LM-D comfortable and simple to use.

12.5% discount for laser engraving offered to Gold Members of The Guild of Jewellery Designers.


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Ring Engraving

Inside or outsidering laser engraving. Please use the 'Notes' section to...
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-GETIRE

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Other Product

Laser engraving to other products not listed. - Please use the 'Notes'...
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-GEOP

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Product Tag Engraving

Laser engraving logos on to product tags.
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-GETIPTG

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Pendant or Flat Engraving

Graphical engraving of pendants or other flat items. Please use the...
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-GETIPFE

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Bangle Laser Engraving

Inside or outside bangle laser engraving. Please use the 'Notes' section...
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-GETIBE

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Cufflinks Text Engraving

Text engraving of cufflinks (per pair). Please use the 'Notes' section...
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-CTE

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Cufflinks Graphics Engraving

Inside or outside graphic ring laser engraving. Please use the 'Notes'...
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-CUFFGE

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Watch Back Engraving

Text or Graphical engraving of watch backs. Please use the 'Notes'...
VendorGETi Engraving ID: V63-GETIWBE
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Sent off my bracelet for a custom engraving and had turnaround within a week, any faults or issues were communicated over a phone call and felt very sincere and personal. Would highly recommend.

2020-01-27 19:00:32

I have used Geti Engraving for a number of my pieces in the past year and have never been disappointed. Outstanding standard, professional management, and customer service to be proud of. Quick, reliable and definitely now part of my service.

2020-01-28 09:33:22

Alan and the team engrave dozens of orders a month for my main business, Tree of Opals. They have a quick turnaround and are happy to do special requests for my clients so that my work is unique. Their pricing is reasonable and fair on invoicing. All in all, high quality work with a fast service. Am always recommending to my own clients and other jewellers.

2020-01-28 10:36:12
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