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1961 Apprenticed to William Griffiths and Son Birmingham on a BJA (British Jewellery Association) sponsored scheme. I attended the Birmingham School of Jewellery 2 days and one evening a week. Also Bourneville College of Art 1 night a week.


During this time I gained 10 or 12 BJA awards for my work in Design, Drawing and Jewellery Mounting. This lead to being accepted by the school on to a full time Diploma course (Equivalent to a BA). In the second year 1966 I was awarded the Johnson Matthey travel scholarship worth £100. With this I embarked on a circular tour of Europe embracing France, Germany and Switzerland.


As requested by the bequest I submitted a written report on my return. This held me in good stead for later, as a teacher, I was in a position to take groups abroad to such events as the first International Basel Fair. On completion of the 3 year course I was appointed Designer to Hamilton and Inches Edinburgh and had a one man exhibition in their George St department.


This was covered by national newspapers and magazines such as the Financial Times - The Scotsman and others. I worked full time for them until 1967. I then acted as a consultant to them and took up a full time teaching appointment at the School of Jewellery, simultaneously, with my brother, opening Hamish Bowie Jewellers in Knowle. I acted as design consultant to this business.

Teaching - I taught as a senior lecturer for 28 years, teaching at all levels but mainly the 1st 2nd and 3rd year BA students.

1973 I took a group to the first international Basel Fair. This subsequently lead to several later visits so over a period 20 years I saw the fair grow in stature.

During this time I undertook many design commissions for people in all walks of life, 1970 worked on the Open University Titanium mace designed by Eric Clements. Then in 1976 - Jewellery Making Published in UK, USA and Australasia. In the1980's I worked on a research project into the technology of the Old Sheffield Plate Industry.

I received a one term sabbatical and put together an exhibition of my developments in mixed metals. These were exhibited 1986 in the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh - 1988 The Birmingham Art Gallery and a final exhibition at The Birmingham School of Jewelleryhttps://youtu.be/XAQVnn1H1Wk This project also embraced diffusion bonding of coloured golds and other metals.

1980's as course director for Gemmology I instigated a number of short courses for the industry in Gem testing. These were a commercial success and I was able to establish a newly equipped Gem lab with a wealth of new equipment from the funds generated and from sponsorship.

1997 I took early retirement but continued my commission work as Hamish Bowie. I developing a new range of wedding rings, Hollywood Wedding Rings, Character Cars of Hollywood and Hollywood Stationery all to sell wedding rings.

2009 - Developed serious prostate cancer with 50% survival rating, I had to retire, however, after 2years of pretty debilitating treatment it went into remission and it has stayed that way.

2017 after a long period of ill health I had my Thyroid removed.

2018 - my old heart started to peg out so I had two open heart surgeries to replace two heart valves.

Today - I am in several art groups and I carry on my art through drawing. I sell prints and originals of my work and do the odd commissioned jewellery item. I am reprinting Jewellery Making. With plans for other publications.

Hobbies - drawing and vintage cars, I have owned and restored many.

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