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Pearl Stringing

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About Jewellery Restringing

Our restringing and jewellery repair service

Janie's Stringing offers a complete and fully insured pearl stringing and repair service for your necklace or bracelet. We offer repairs and clasp replacements for all types of necklace and bracelet involving pearls, gemstones and amber beads. Our service is fast and affordable.

All jobs are received by post, and are returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery for trade and non-trade customers. All jewellery items are fully guaranteed on premises and return transit.

We have a stock of loose pearls of all types and colours to match your necklace or bracelet, in case some are missing or you should wish to extend it or create matching earrings. We have spare clasps in silver, gold or base metals as required for repairs.

To knot between pearls, or not...

There are three reasons to knot between each pearl or bead:

  1. Beads and gemstones can be delicate, especially cultured pearls, and knotting prevents them rubbing together and damaging the surface. Nacre on pearls is particularly delicate.
  2. If the string should break, only a single bead or pearl will fall. Without knots, a large number of pearls risks being lost if there is a breakage.
  3. Knotting gives your necklace a lovely flexibility so that it moves with the neck and collarbone.

Even so, not all pearl necklaces and bracelets look best this way — it depends on the shape and size of the pearls. Janie's Stringing is happy to provide advice on whether the necklace should be restrung knotted or unknotted. Graduated pearls are often strung unknotted.

How often to restring?

We repair jewellery in all kinds of states. But even if your necklace or bracelet is in good condition, the British Pearl Associations recommends restringing pearls and beads every year to prolong their life, keep them looking their best and protect them for the future.

About pearl restringing

And with over 20 years' expertise behind us, there isn't much about pearls, beads and stringing that we don't know!

Silk thread is best when restringing cultured and freshwater pearls. If synthetic threads are used, they can attract static, and this attracts dust and dirt more easily to the pearls and causes the holes to become blocked. This then makes it much harder to have the pearls rethreaded.


When a necklace needs restringing, it will have stretched. Normally an average pearl necklace will shorten up to two inches after restringing.

Another consideration in restringing and re-knotting pearls is that each pearl has a different size hole. When restringing pearls, we take account of this to determine the best way to do the job. Semi-precious pearls are very varied in hole size and design, again this can make the way each piece is restrung very varied, and a number of different materials are used according to the components in the necklace or bracelet presented for restringing.

About pearls

There are many different types of pearls, including natural pearls and cultured (farmed) pearls. Saltwater natural pearls have become much rarer today. These pearls can only be properly identified by x-ray. They are normally not a perfect round and have tiny holes.

In a row of a necklace or bracelet they do not normally all have the same size hole, unlike cultured pearls where a row of pearls will be more symmetrical. Cultured pearls have uniform-size holes and are more easily drilled. Freshwater cultured pearls are very popular nowadays, and come in all sorts of shapes and colours.

We look forward to helping your restore your necklace or bracelet to its former glory and enabling you to wear it! Contact us about your jewellery repair needs.

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