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Fingerprint Editing Service

Fingerprint Editing Service

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The fingerprint editing service provides the perfect service to transform a low-quality fingerprint into a clear design ready for laser engraving. As a result, give your buyers an incredible finished item of fingerprint engraved jewellery.


This highly specialised service manually re-creates a fingerprint, handprint or footprint clearly ready to engrave. 
Gold members receive a 10% deposit. Place your order online and I will contact you to arrange the sending of your fingerprint. Please note that the cost for the fingerprint editing service is per print. 

This service works very well for low-quality fingerprints, partially smudged fingerprints and fingerprints for memorial items of jewellery. 

As part of the refinement process, I am happy to remove lines and scarring from the print unless your client will prefer these to be left in place. 

This process takes approximately 2 hours to complete, working with the fingerprint magnified at high resolution. Once received, I will re-deliver the final artwork as a JPEG file ready to engrave on your ring. 
Final artwork can be emailed to your client for their own approval. Please allow 1-2 days for your artwork to be returned by email. 

*** Please scan or request your client scans each fingerprint at high resolution wherever possible. I also recommend including this cost in the final price of your fingerprint jewellery designs. Finally, save this final artwork for future use in case your client loses their item of fingerprint engraved jewellery. 

In addition, I also provide photography for finished jewellery if you would like to capture the final item for your portfolio. Please contact me for details and view examples on my profile. 

Please feel welcome to email me with your engraving if you would like me to look at it for help and guidance before placing your order. 

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