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Create your own ecommerce website to list your products and items from new and established brands.


Choose Silver and semi-precious jewellery and contemporary mixed media jewellery to fine and diamond jewellery


Maintain total control of your content and brand.



Extend your online shop to a marketplace and sell more. 


Choose products from other sellers and add them into your shop.


Choose which suppliers and service providers you want to work with and find new ones!


Do you have a requirement for a specific item of jewellery or service? Create a 'Lead Request'


Unite Your Brands: The Exciting Bit!


GoJD Connect is a jewellery orientated website building platform for retailers, manufacturers and brands of all sizes.


Do you manufacture jewellery, provide jewellery services or represent a brand?

Easily showcase your products to retailers and allow a direct product feed to their GoJD Connect website.

Are you a jewellery retailer and looking for suppliers, service providers or a new website solution?

Source new jewellery ranges, find a service provider or build a new website.

Choose a brand and display their products on your GoJD Connect website, add your markup and start selling alongside your own products.

(Additional accounts with participating brands required to display product feeds.)



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GoJD Connect Blog

How do I take a fingerprint?

How do I take a fingerprint?

Fingerprint jewellery Various fingerprint kits are available to buy online that give excellent results and the clearer the print supplied, the better the laser engraved result on your fingerprint jewellery will be. Due to the fineness of a child’s print, these are probably the ones that need the greatest attention to detail ...
GETi - Official UK Agents For Sisma

GETi - Official UK Agents For Sisma

GETi, the UK's leading dedicated manufacturer of Titanium and Black Zirconium rings, are official agents for Sisma laser welding and engraving systems in the jewellery manufacturing market.   Alan Hardwick, CEO and owner of GETi, says: "We have been dealing with Sisma for over 15 years now both as a user and seller of the machines both for welding and laser engraving ...
Why Have Product Reviews on Your Website?

Why Have Product Reviews on Your Website?

If you’re not sure about if you should encourage and list website and products reviews, this article looks at the benefits of doing so.   Reviews cut down on the amount of returns you get. Shoppers visiting your site rely on feedback from other buyers to help them decide if they should buy from you and, the more reviews you have, the more chance a certain review will strike a chord with the reader and encourage them to complete the purchase ...

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